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Cycling safely: Yes, you have a right to be on the roads

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you’re riding a bicycle, you should know that you have the same right to be on the road and to use it to get to your destination as any other driver. You have specific traffic laws that you need to follow, but as long as you are doing so, other drivers should be cautious around you and share the road.

When others don’t follow the rules of the road or refuse to give you the space that is rightfully yours to take, a serious auto collision could occur. Cyclists who are struck are at a greater risk of injury, so it’s important for you to take steps to be safer around other drivers. Here is more information on how you can stay safe in New York.

What can you do to stay safer cycling around others?

Visibility is one of the main issues people run into when they’re cycling. Drivers may not be looking for cyclists or believe that they’ll be on the roads. A driver might not notice a cyclist in a blind spot or forget to look for them in a bike lane.

How can you help? Wear bright colors on your clothes and helmet. If you can, find reflective gear, too, so that it will reflect light back at drivers to draw attention to your presence.

Another thing to do to stay safer on the road is to use a bell or horn when you’re near other drivers. After dusk, use lights to stand out.

Follow all cycling traffic laws. Remember, in New York, cyclists are not allowed to ride on the sidewalks unless they are children ages 12 and under. That means that you need to ride on the street with traffic, not against it. Additionally, use bike lanes when they’re available in accordance with the state’s laws.

What can you do if you’re hit?

If you’re hit by a negligent or reckless driver, you should take steps to get medical attention right away. Once your condition is stable, you may be able to make a personal injury claim against that driver to hold them accountable for their actions and cover your financial losses.