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Bronx/New York City – Sidewalk Accidents

Sidewalk accidents are caused by a property owner’s failure to maintain the sidewalk walkway in a reasonably safe condition. Sidewalk injuries are caused by a dangerous condition which causes a pedestrian to violently fall and sustain serious injuries.

Sidewalk accident injury cases anywhere in the Bronx or New York City are the type of case we have successfully resolved in the past. We will consult with you without charge. We do not charge any fee unless you win money at trial or obtain a settlement as a result of our efforts. Our firm acts quickly and aggressively.

If you are injured in a Bronx or New York City sidewalk accident, we will help you prove that the landowner was negligent by failing to maintain the sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition. Contact our Bronx, New York City sidewalk accident lawyers today at 718-405-1500 for a free consultation to discuss how you can hold the property owner responsible if you are injured in a sidewalk accident.

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